Jung and A Course in Miracles

Announcing the publication of my latest book, Jung and A Course in Miracles, containing the most Jungian-inspired essays from previous volumes along with new work.

A Course in Miracles is a stand-alone work; something complete within itself. But if you ‘hit the skids’, or otherwise find yourself adrift, you might find much solace and guidance in Jung’s thoughts. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a Jungian-inspired volume of essays for people who are open to both Jung and A Course in Miracles.

I think there is important common ground between Jung and the Course. In particular, Jung’s emphasis on a forward moving function within the psyche fits well with what the Course describes as our ‘right mind’: While part of us wants to remain rooted to the past, another seeks for freedom. Yet Jung isn’t shy to look at the psyche’s darkness; at what often drives our behaviour and thoughts until we become aware of it. Here too, I find sympatico between him and the Course. They both emphasise looking at the Jekyll and Hyde nature of our ego identity — the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ — so they both can be transcended by indentification with our spiritual, whole, Self.

From the Preface to Jung and A Course in Miracles:

‘In this volume, you’ll find several essays built around Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy, beginning with ‘The Infernal Regions’, which looks at the midlife crisis — finding ourselves ‘lost and alone in a dark wood’ — and Jung’s approach for navigating this time. We also look at John Milton’s anti-hero from Paradise Lost, in ‘The Favourite’. But it’s not all serious. You’ll even find appearances from humorist David Sedaris, and (dare I say it) The Brady Bunch. All in the name of relating Course principles to our daily lives.’

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